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ACE Global Warming Presentation

Role: Digital Illustration, Lead Animator

Free Range Studios, the studio behind the amazing "Story of Stuff", and producer, Greg Singer, produced this animated piece for Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) to be used in school presentations. The voice recording is a scratch track since this was a piece to be narrated by a live presenter. Free Range provided a detailed storyboard and initial character and background designs. First I designed each scene and created assets based on Free Range's art direction and storyboard. Once that was approved, the scenes were divided between myself and a few other animators. I animated the entire first half (until the shot where the hero is suntanning with a refector) and two other animators animated the second half using my first shots as a guide. For the final pass, I took all the animations, smoothed out any rough spots, made client requested revisions and assembled it into a format that could be used by a presenter on stage. It was a fun project, but I also found it very educational!




Free Range Studios

Alliance for Climate Education