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Role: Script, Storyboard, Design, Animation, Sound Design

Pottery Barn wanted to create a fun animated video that would educate consumers about their organic product line. Scott Young, the producer, came to me saying they wanted to take some pretty dry material and wrap it a fun and colorful wrapper. Of course their budget was limited. So it was up to me to help conceptualize something that would achieve their goals on a tight budget. After brainstorming with Scott, we came up with the idea to mimic educational videos of the 50's and 60's, but with a modern flare. It would star a health and environmentally conscious family that would mostly stay mute (like the old educational videos.) That way, we could work the informational material into a narration and only have one voice actor to pay.

Pottery Barn featured this video on the Pottery Barn site and the PBKids site.