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Role: Creator, Story, Art, Animation, Sound etc.

Jane is a small girl with an even smaller attention span. Her unusual solution for cleaning her room takes her on an amazing adventure. Too bad she's barely paying attention!

Jane is a character I created while in film school. I won a comic-strip contest with her then, and she has been my good-luck charm ever since. This was her debut animation and was featured on Channel Frederator as Cartoon of the Month, was a finalist in the FlashForward film festival, was a finalist in the Nickelodeon Animation Festival and won this excellent contest from the now defunct site, They put the short up on a jumbotron in time's square...every 10 minutes for an entire weekend...and sent me there with a friend to see it! It was pretty awesome.

Big shout-out to voice actor, Brett Pels, who does both the voice of Jane AND Beyelzerah! Dan Bern (singer/songwriter, and write of the soundtrack for Walk Hard) let me use his song "Jane" for the closing credits. My good friend, Grace Chen, did the voice of Mom, and Steffan Schlarb contributed story ideas.