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Role: Co-creator, Illustrator, Animator, Marketing Text, Videos and Graphics, etc.

For our third foray into the world of the pygmies, we decided to stray from the sandbox formula. Being a fan of jumping games and thinking we could expand on the genre, we took a mini-game that we had originated in Pocket God, called Ooga Jump, and turned it into a full-fledged game. Along with the platform jumping, we included some of our favorite creatures from Pocket God and turned them into obstacles. Among the many features we included, is the ability to choose a Pygmy skin and select different environments...but you have to earn gems first to buy them!

This was the most elaborate graphically so far.

For the animations, Dave felt it was important to "go for it". So the Pygmy performs tricks automatically as you jump upward. Pygmy-death animations are elaborate, particularly when touching an obstacle. When the Pygmy misses a platform and plummets to his death, he/she doesn't just fall off screen, he tumbles all the way to the ground where he makes a pygmy-shaped crater.

I designed detailed backgrounds for Retina Displays. There are many miscellaneous details, animations and call-backs to our previous games scattered throughout. Each area has multiple tiles, including a parallaxing background and foreground layer. It takes a player a while to get through all the areas until it seamlessly repeats.