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Role: Created characters, Story, Script, Design, Animation

Peter Packet had a successful roll out so Cisco requested a sequel. This time the objective was to encourage young girls to take interest in technology. We conceived of an episode where we meet Peter Packet's niece, Penny. She's not interested in being a data packet because technology is "boy's stuff". Peter and the Server set out to prove her wrong by sending her to sites where women in various types of careers use computer, and internet technology heavily. Again, I focused on the "internet world" scenes while Steffan Schlarb worked on the "real world" scenes. This time the project had a much tighter deadline and a more extensive scope. I managed a small team of designer/animators to do much of the work. Although I focused on the intro and outro cut-scenes. The highlight for me was producing a "Penny Packet" theme song. I asked the composer to take inspiration from the old "Wonder Woman" theme song.



Penny Packet on Cisco Site (requires Flash)