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Role: Created characters, Story, Design, Animation

While working for ASK Learning (then Internet Learning Corporation), we were approached by Cisco to pitch them a kid-oriented learning module. They wanted it filled with entertaining animation and games for the purpose of educating kids on how the internet works while also showing how the internet can be used by philanthropic organizations to assist people in third world countries. They provided a document that described the general talking points of the module, their own ideas of what the story could be and a title they were pretty married to: "Peter Packet". They solicited multiple pitches from multiple companies, but the pitch I was responsible for was selected!

Then the team--- myself, Joseph Pigato, Steffan Schlarb and Shannon Haley-- wrote and conceived the story. For storyboarding, design, audio and animation, I took on the "Internet world" sections, while Steffan, also adesigner and animator, dealt with the "real world" sections.

I even had some original music produced. I wrote, recorded, played guitar and keyboard on the "Peter Packet Theme" song!

For the playable games in the module, I designed the look and general game play mechanic. But then Dave Castelnuovo of Bolt Creative came on board to actually program them and make them playable. That was when our long-time collaboration began.

It was eventually translated into multiple languages and Cisco still keeps it on their site and is used by schools all over the world.




Peter Packet on Cisco Site (game requires Flash)

Peter Packet music!