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Role: Co-creator, Illustrator, Animator, Marketing Text, Videos and Graphics, etc.

Initially designed for the iPad, the first Pocket God spinoff brought the pygmies to outer space and beyond! While we continued the sand-box nature of the first, this version focused more on elaborate mini games, sometimes riffing on classic arcade games of the past. In this version, you are able to drag the pygmies out of the atmosphere of Earth and into the solar system, where various dangers await. From there you can journey to the other planets. In each area there are various interactive elements and an extensive mini-game to play.

The duties were divided about the same although I have to give Dave extra credit for spending a lot more time designing and balancing the game play (with the help of programmers Robin Habron and Sam Washburn), while I focused on stepping up the art style, animation and sound quality (including awesome music loops created by Grammy-winning artist Christopher Tin) for the larger screen of the iPad. All pygmy animations were revisited and made smoother and more elaborate to fit in with the higher resolution environment.

Here are some screenshots from this project.




Here's a demo video focusing on the Decapithon mini-game!