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Role: Story, Design, Animation, Sound Design

This game was designed to reinforce times-table skills in an exciting action-adventure for a kids-oriented site, The game design, by Dave Castelnuovo, was inspired by Typing of the Dead, game where you killed zombies while practicing typing skills. In this, the player is the captain of a space ship to be sent on various missions. The ship's computer is malfunctioning, so the player must calculate the math problems on the screen to destroy enemies and collect power-ups.

Unfortunately the client,, was forced to close up shop before we finished it. But I did manage to rescue an early prototype thanks to Dave Castelnuovo. So if you are on a desktop computer (with a Flash plugin), look out for "Adoraborgs", "Appliatrons" and the "Vegetanians", open the game and test your math skills by clicking the link below.